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The insignia of the Society shall consist of:
The Medal 
Available to members after two years consecutive membership, or a Life Membership only; worn from the neck by gentlemen or on a bow by ladies.  The Class 1 ribbon is purple, and the Class 2 and Class 3 ribbon is green. The medal is shipped boxed, insured and with a length of the appropriate color ribbon to be made into a neck ribbon or bow.
Available to members in good standing for:  $252.00
The Officer's Medal
Same as above, but with crossed swords; worn with a purple ribbon. Reserved for full status officers of the Society.
Available to appropriate officers for:  $270.00
The Miniature
Honorary and First Class members may wear the gold insignia, Second and Third Class will wear the bronze.  Each from a ribbon as proscribed above.
Available to members in good standing for:  $180.00

The Insignia Lapel Pin

The lapel pin is the same design and size as the miniature.

Available to members in good standing for:  $180.00

The Crown Pin

The Crown Pin is worn both by ladies and gentlemen as a collar pin or as a cap pin.  Gilt brass with enameling.  The pin is awarded without cost to life members.

Available to members in good standing for:  $30.00

The Arms Blazer Patch

The Blazer Patch is the arms of the Society embroidered with bullion thread.   This insignia is included with your initial payment of initiation fees.

Available to members for:  $48.00

On Wearing Insignia

The wearing of the insignia of the Society should conform to the national traditions of your home country.  Some general guidelines are:

  1. Neck Medal:  worn by gentlemen. It should not be worn in conjunction with another neck medal. Ladies wear the medal suspended from a bow of appropriate rank color above the left breast.  This insignia should be worn only on  formal attire, but nothing less than a conservative dark suit for both ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Miniature:  May be worn in conjunction with the medal singly or as a miniature group. Ladies may wear the insignia suspended from a bow. Placement in a group should be by national protocol.

  3. Lapel Pin:  On the left collar.

  4. Crown pin:  On the left collar for both ladies and gentlemen, as a brooch by ladies, or as a cap pin.

  5. Blazer Patch:  On the left breast pocket or in this position if no pocket. Application of the blazer patch to a traditional cap is also allowed.

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