Céad Mile Fáilte!

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

Greetings My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

     The Noble Society of Celts, founded October 1993, and incorporated in 2015, is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation, functioning as an  hereditary society for persons of Celtic roots and interests, who are of noble title or gentle birth, who have come together in search and celebration of the Celtic Heritage.

     The Celts are a force with a wide-spread historical impact. Beginning in eastern Europe,  they swept up through the middle of Europe, creating, amongst other things, the largest entrepreneurial  network known to man at that time. We, the Celts, still remain in large numbers in Spain, France, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

     Class 1 membership is hereditary, with each member able to nominate one heir for their membership.  We network independently and through our excellent newsletter THE AWEN available on line for all to see.

     As you will discover from the Roll of current members we are a small but diverse group which you may find interesting. If you find the Society intriguing, you are invited to inquire as to details of membership from my office.


Roger Carlton Sherman, NSC, GCLJ, OStJ, GCCStS pp

Founding Chancellor

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